York Simul and 4NCL Final Weekend

Gawain played 32 people and finished with 2 loses, 9 draws and the rest wins! This was a tough field considering they were all club players and roughly around 1900 (ELO) strength! The weather has been lovely over Summer and that day in York was no different.

Gawain is originally from Yorkshire and is proud to be from his home county (he still supports Middlesbrough). We walked inside and on the walls and made our way to the Cathedral before Ga getting his hair cut and having a pint by the river.

The next morning we were off to Bolton where we are having a family get together and Ga briefly saw his family before heading out earlier this morning to participate in the 4ncl.

I see at the moment he is playing IM Richard Palliser here. There are two more games over this Bank Holiday weekend. I will head over to Hinckley Island tomorrow alongside the Pepsi Max and will write an update then!



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