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  • Streaming: Twitch/verdenotte

    Streaming: Twitch/verdenotte

    Due to coronavirus I’ve been home since the start of March with all leagues and tournaments cancelled. I’ve been spending my time writing my next book and playing online chess. I try to play in the Titled Tuesday events on each week, and am intending on playing in the online European Chess Championship that…

  • A successful two weeks

    A successful two weeks

    On Saturday 9th April I headed back to Munich. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play much for Munich 1836 this year but at least could drop in en-route to Dubai for the last round. We were in second place, ahead of the other Munich team (Tarrasch) by just one and a half board points, and…

  • Quantum Chess

    Quantum Chess

    Have you seen this video featuring Stephen Hawking and Paul Rudd? If not, you should watch it. I don’t know anything about quantum physics but the chess wasn’t ridiculous. Quantum Chess was originally created by Alice Wismath from Queens Univesity, Belfast but the version they play in the video is different. According to the Nerdist,  a kickstarter…