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  • A successful two weeks

    A successful two weeks

    On Saturday 9th April I headed back to Munich. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play much for Munich 1836 this year but at least could drop in en-route to Dubai for the last round. We were in second place, ahead of the other Munich team (Tarrasch) by just one and a half board points, and…

  • Bundesliga Season 2012-2013

    Bundesliga Season 2012-2013

    The German Bundesliga was played over 7 weekends from October to April. Unfortunately last year my team, Remagen, got relegated and so I was obliged to find a new team. Luckily Solingen were happy to take me on board. Solingen is a city on the West side of Germany famous for its steel, a bit…

  • Bundesliga Round 11 and 12

    Bundesliga Round 11 and 12

    Gawain is at Bundesliga again, today he had a boring draw today against his last FIDE rated opponent from the Icelandic league (also a draw), Tomi Nyback who is the top Finnish player. Gawain is playing for Solingen who unfortunately lost today’s match to Werder Bremen It was a very close match with the final…