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  • Better late than never. Big Announcement!

    Better late than never. Big Announcement!

    I’m writing this from Lund, in Sweden, where this evening I’ll be playing in the first Cellavision Chess Cup. The schedule is slightly strange, four rapid games this evening, followed by four standard games over the weekend. Apparently this is quite popular in Sweden and I’m looking forward to trying it. The list of players…

  • Newham Chess Project Lauch Sponsored by East Village

    Newham Chess Project Lauch Sponsored by East Village

    The joint operation from Chess in Schools and Communities, East Village London, Newham Council launched a programme which aims to introduce chess into every school in the borough. On Wednesday 13th of March, we woke up at 4am to be driven to East London where Gawain, Malcolm and Sabrina were going to be live on BBC Breakfast at Ravescroft Primary…

  • Icelandic League Final Weekend

    Icelandic League Final Weekend

    I left you on Wednesday with the completion of the Reykjavik Open. We went out for a nice meal at Gandhi, an Indian restaurant (obviously) followed by a few beers in the English Pub and Obladi-Oblada, a bar with three chess boards and clocks which were obviously used for some wind down blitz. Thursday was…

  • Chris Dossett

    Chris Dossett

    Ga played  448 moves which averaged to be 56 moves per a game. And our winner Chris Dossett gussed 444 which wasn’t such a bad guess. I’m going to try and write a final update on the classic before we head of for a much deserved Christmas break. This is a hectic time of year…

  • Photoshoot


    In anticipation for the London Chess Classic, Gawain did his very first photoshoot and if I can say so myself, he looks very handsome :). I may be biased being his wife and all but I think he did very well in front of the camera. We were put at ease very quickly by Superchess…

  • Blast from the Past

    Blast from the Past

    For readers who weren’t aware of our history you can check out this article from 2009. The actual journalism quality was not fantastic as at times they misquoted us but in general it was all good publicity for chess. We were actually front page news for The Dominon which is the regional paper for Wellington,…

  • Are you the UK’s next Chess superstar?

    Are you the UK’s next Chess superstar?

    Checked out my tweets and one that popped up was from the ECF. “BBC America are looking for young adult men who consider themselves ‘geeks’, and want to become more manly or macho for a new series to be filmed for 4-6 weeks in early 2013. If you think you need to ‘man up’ and…

  • Giveaway! Signed posters.

    Giveaway! Signed posters.

    Hi readers (thought I don’t know how many there are of you as you don’t tend to comment so often), At the closing ceremony of the Grand Prix (which I have a story or two to tell) we were given some lovely posters signed by the players and we would love it for a lucky…

  • Photos from the Opening Ceremoy

    Photos from the Opening Ceremoy

    Sorry for the bad photos but all I had was a small camera and the lighting was very dim. Again you can check out the good quality stuff from Ray Morris Hill and if you go right to the end you’ll see a photo of yours truly with Gawain. You can read the write up from…

  • Full English Breakfast: Episode 012

    Full English Breakfast: Episode 012

    Latest episode from IM Lawrence Trent, GM Steven Gordon (who is taking over Adam Hunt’s teaching position!) and produced by Macauley Peterson. It’s the British Chess Championship Special. Below is the full (uncut) interview with Mickey Adams! httpv://

  • Review: Bobby Fischer against the World

    Review: Bobby Fischer against the World

    A while ago, Gawain and I went to see a preview of the new Bobby Fischer documentary “Bobby Fishcer against the World” in which we met fellow chess player GM Carlsen who Gawain had a quick fire interview with. Here below is Gawain’s review on the documentary which is having it’s London Premiere as we…

  • Back Cover!

    Back Cover!

    Here’s a view of the back cover. I’ve confirmation the book is out and available in the US but not quite yet in the UK.. fingers crossed it’ll be out soon and we can see what the readers think! We’re off to Ennis, Ireland tomorrow. Here is more info about the simul from – As…

  • How to Beat the Sicilian Defence: An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire for White

    How to Beat the Sicilian Defence: An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire for White

    Hi All, I believe Gawain’s new book is available to buy right now! Here’s the link to the amazon page so you can check out what’s inside and trust me it’s a great book to buy!(Not that I’m biased or anything). See this win against Top Moldovian player GM Victor Bologan from the 2011 European…

  • The Killer Grand Prix

    The Killer Grand Prix

    Remember a while back I mentioned Ga doing a DVD for Ginger GM. The DVD will hopefully be released soon, but in the mean time you can pre order your copy and check out the trailer below!