Giveaway! Signed posters.

Hi readers (thought I don’t know how many there are of you as you don’t tend to comment so often),

At the closing ceremony of the Grand Prix (which I have a story or two to tell) we were given some lovely posters signed by the players and we would love it for a lucky reader to have it as a memento. We have two posters black and white to giveaway to one lucky winner who can answer our question.

Enter: Please fill out the contact form below and don’t forget to add your email address.

Entries close Sunday 7th of October at 20:00 GMT (London local time). I’VE NOW EXTENDED THE COMPETITION UNTIL MIDNIGHT FOR NON UK READERS :).

Question: In which places has Gawain lived in? The person who can give the most detailed answer (if it’s tied, it might be a lucky dip) will win the prize and I’ll send it out as soon as possible.

The posters all pristine (as they would look on you rwall but with signatures)

Poster with bad lighting.

Again, it’s the lighting’s fault.


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